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Square Tube Type Lane
Square Tube Type Lane

Product Name: Square Tube Type Lane

Installation Instructions:

1, the installation of the lane before the angle steel bracket in accordance with the user's choice of installation form, according to the driving line of the hanging spacing fixed well, at the installation site will be every 6.1-meter of the driving line put on the required hanging seat, and the two ends of the joint sheath each one, also installed at one end of an aluminum connector, the installation of aluminum joints should be noted that only the aluminum guide into the connector 1/ 2 left to another rail connection, the above work is ready, and then a single slide contact line hanging on the stent, for the full line connection, the connection should tighten the screws of each joint;

2, in the installation of electric conductive device first installed in the supporting square tube, select the appropriate position with the sliding contact line fixed in the electrical equipment, should be noted to make the conductor and the slip contact line has good tracking performance and good contact ability, the conductor and the sliding contact line should be installed in the same vertical, horizontal direction.

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