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H-type driving slip contact line
H-type driving slip contact line

Product Name: H-type driving slip contact line

1, the sliding contact line in the use of the process, as far as possible with other points, too close, because to maintain a certain safe distance;

2, if the use of sliding line power supply equipment load is not large, the current is too small, should be used to contact the line grounding, zero-access protection devices;

3, in the Sliding contact line installation site, the use of the site should be set up safety signs to avoid other equipment, personnel on its pressure, resulting in shell rupture, leading to safety accidents;

4, if the use of contact line power equipment load larger, the current is too large, easy to cause the slip line voltage too strong. Should be used in the sliding line of the site, the installation of lightning, protection of gaps and other voltage protection equipment;

5, the sliding contact line in the outdoor or indoor personnel to use, should be in its surroundings to take strict protective measures, lest the slip contact line surface damage, leakage of the interface caused by safety accidents;

6, although the special type of sliding contact line with high strength corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, heavy pressure, high temperature and so on, can be used in harsh environment, but not because of its own characteristics and not for the 2nd time protection, such as the use of sliding contact line in harsh environment, should be two times protection, prolong its service life.

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