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Driving Slip Contact Line
Driving Slip Contact Line

Driving slip contact Line in the normal operation to do regular inspection, because the electrical equipment is the main production tool for each industrial and mining enterprises, a slight error will have a direct impact on the factory productivity.

Check the slip line of the time to check whether there are no 6.1-meter joints loose, off, in the inspection of the conductive device, should check whether the movement of flexible, tensile spring fatigue, brush wear and so on.

Holiday equipment renovation period, will lead the electrical appliances out of the catheter, check the Guide electric brush roller wear, such as the amount of brush extension is less than the specified effective length, to be replaced in time, the guide roller deformation is serious, also need to be replaced to keep the guide electrical operation and brush good contact, and inventory caused by the reasons. Safe slip Contact line in all parts, the brush is the only normal wear parts.

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