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H-type sliding wire
H-type sliding wire

As a new power supply system for mobile machinery, H-type slide conductor has been widely used in the power supply line of the mobile equipment such as mine, metallurgy, chemical industry and machinery.

Construction Steps of H-type slip conductor:

1, to determine the technical project of the site, including the sliding wire mounting bracket, the slide wire into the line point and the operation of the electrical fixed and other parts, complete the technical drawings.

2, Welding slip-wire mounting bracket to the embedded parts to ensure the level of the stent, and the track datum plane deviation of not more than plus or minus 5 mm.

3, according to the requirements of the expansion of the installation and Retention folder position.

4. Connecting the Slip conductor Joint and the joint sheath, setting the clearance of the expansion part according to the field temperature.

5, according to the requirements of the power cable connected to the sliding wire.

6. Adjust the straightness of the slip conductor to ensure that the deviation from the track datum is not greater than or minus 5 mm.

7, do the test before the power, test the insulation resistance between the various phases of the slip wire, should reach 5 trillion euro or above. Test the insulation resistance of each relative of the slide conductor. Should reach more than 5 trillion euro.

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