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Gantry Sliding Line
Gantry Sliding Line

Gantry sliding Line in the construction has a lot of attention, let's briefly introduce below.

In the construction that we undertake, use to the cable slip line Place has a lot of, the existence danger also is many, below we come to talk about the gantry slippery line aerial work danger protection measure.

1, the general first encountered the problem is the cable slip line installation, the site installation of a lot of slippery lines are high-altitude, so the staff in the installation must be timely fasten safety belts, scaffolding, to ensure that the upper and lower channels smooth, resolute can not violate the operation, the consequences are serious;

2, is the wiring, wiring we are generally used is a blowtorch, if the use of improper back burn staff, the advantages will damage the torch equipment, so the construction staff in the ignition of the blowtorch to deviate from the people and equipment, use when the flame appropriate, when the end of the time to extinguish;

3. Attention should be paid to piping and cable laying. Construction personnel need to work high-altitude, easy to fall from the high altitude hurt people, so do a good job set up a fixed channel.

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