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Single Pole slip contact line
Single Pole slip contact line

A lot of customers in the choice of single pole slip contact line, do not know how to choose, the following we have a simple statement.

How to choose the slide contact line, mainly consider: the large operating current, the voltage drop of the conductor, environmental conditions and the use price.

1. Calculate the larger load: if it contains more than one driving system, first of all work equipment to calculate the sum of the current and to calculate the current, but also consider the impact of factors, the nature of the load, is to continue to work, or praise load work, because the conductor coat material is polyvinyl chloride, in 25 ℃ below the work, Can continue to work under the rated current, the conductor will not be hot, when the ambient temperature is greater than 25°c, its maximum continuous current must be reduced accordingly;

2. Voltage drop of conductor. When the current flows through the wire, it loses power and reduces the voltage.

3, environmental conditions: The working environment is very corrosive, if you should consider the wire material, choose corrosion-resistant materials;

4. Price. Inexpensive wire, not equal to the economy, but also consider the installation, maintenance, service life and other factors, after comprehensive consideration, determine the appropriate type of wire.

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