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Multi-pole tubular sliding contact line
Multi-pole tubular sliding contact line

Product Name: Multi-pole tubular sliding contact line

Product Introduction:

1, power supply sliding contact Line series products are reference to advanced products, and lifting facilities exposed slip line prone to accidents under the circumstances of innovative development and production;

2, product range, wide range of uses, can be used in factories, mines, warehouses, stations, port terminals and other places of lifting machinery such as: electric Hoist, Liang and bridge crane, elevators, automated production lines and other mobile operation of the conductive equipment;

3, the user may according to the hoisting machine model correct choice suitable specification power supply safe slippery contact line, achieves can satisfy the hoisting machinery electricity, but also may save electricity, the energy conservation, reduces the energy consumption and so on the technical economical index;

4, the correct selection of power supply multipolar tubular sliding contact line is the key to obtain better technical and economic results, according to the reliability study, the use of this slip contact line can improve the reliability of the system two order of magnitude. Users in the selection of power supply slip contact line should be detailed in the manual, a comprehensive understanding of product performance, characteristics, etc., so as to achieve the ideal use effect.

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