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Multi-pole seamless slip Contact line
Multi-pole seamless slip Contact line

Multi-pole non-seam sliding contact line Its main body is the polymer PVC shell embedded 2-16 different copper conductor as transmission bus, configuration mobile flexible multipole brush Set electrical appliances, its structure is simple and compact, safe and reliable, easy installation and maintenance, mainly used in automated production lines, repair workshop and other places.

Multi-pole seamless slip Contact line features:

1 The load flow is small. Larger load flow within 200A, mainly for light and small mobile equipment power supply, such as electric hoist, electric single girder suspension crane, etc.

2) economy. Multiple bus-bar sharing with a sheath through, save money;

3 occupy small space. This kind of sliding contact line has compact structure and small occupancy space;

4 The Safe Slip contact line has the PVC sheath protection, is very safe, is not easy to have the electric shock danger.

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