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Aluminum Alloy Slide Contact line
Aluminum Alloy Slide Contact line

Product Name: aluminum Alloy Slide Contact line

Aluminum alloy sliding contact line has beautiful appearance, high mechanical strength, good insulation performance, long service life, safety and energy-saving advantages, well received by the users, applicable to all kinds of open door crane, bridge crane, loading and unloading machinery, such as mobile power supply.

The aluminum alloy safe slip Contact line device uses the high quality aluminum alloy conduit to make the shell, the appearance is beautiful, the structure is firm. The use of insulator suspension, double insulation protection, safety and more protection, the tube is installed with a multipolar transmission conductivity rail, small structure. The collector is flexible in the tube, and the brush is stable and reliable in contact with the conductivity rail. Product single lifting, easy installation and maintenance, can be made into different radius curved pipe, to meet the special requirements of engineering equipment.

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