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Crane Slide Contact Line
Crane Slide Contact Line

Product Name: Crane Slide Contact Line

Product characteristics and Working principle:

The product is composed of a flat cable, a four-Luntai car and a guide-rolling three parts. Flat cable using non-delayed burning materials, can be used in indoor and outdoor and contact with oil pollution sites, with a certain weather resistance, and circular cable than with a small bending radius, long life and so on.

Cold drawing of cold rolled steel plate is used in rolling road to ensure that the accuracy of the track section size, replaced the angle steel and other conductive methods of unsafe, heavy weight, indoor slide line ash, outdoor icing caused by short line, the impact of the use of the shortcomings, more with the domestic original characteristics, the length of the track unit 4~6m using coupler connector, Can be extended to any length on demand.

How the Product works:

The starting end of the flat cable is fixed on the first end retainer of the guide rolling, and then according to the space allowed to operate, the interval appropriate length (1-2.5mm) is fixed in the four-Luntai vehicle with the cable in order, and the cable has not been set on the rear trolley. By pulling out the car on the spring-pulling car reciprocating, through the cable drag and drop function, driving all the cars in the rolling in any speed free sliding, easy to install, no need to debug, and non-contact contact power and other advantages, safe and reliable.

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