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Circular-Arc Sliding contact line
Circular-Arc Sliding contact line

The circular-arc sliding contact line has the advantages of safety and reliability and excellent mechanical and electrical properties, which facilitates installation and maintenance. The phase spacing is 80mm, the protective shell is the engineering plastics and the aluminum-plastic alloy type two kinds of materials, the conductor is aluminum alloy or pure copper. Not affected by rain and snow, suitable for open-air, water mist, acid mist, conductive dust and other poor environment. 300A the following specifications can be produced according to user needs of a variety of radius of the circle, arc.

The circular-arc sliding contact line is used to power the moving equipment, which consists of two parts, a slide rail and a set of electrical appliances.

Universal use of safe sliding contact line, single pole combination sliding contact line, rigid body sliding contact line, circular-arc sliding contact line, multi-pole tubular sliding contact line, seamless safety slip contact line, Cable safe slip contact line, etc., in the protection grade, insulation has a great improvement, safe and reliable.

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