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Crane Slip Line
Crane Slip Line

Crane slip Line can be installed in the driver's room with the side, operation, maintenance personnel to touch the outside of the transmission body without any harm.

The shell and support part of the overhead sliding line transmission device is made of engineering plastics, insulation and wear-resistant performance, but also a certain strength, the conductor for the Copper guide, that is, can be conductive and can play the role of the guide rail, more integrated with the guide rail in a pipe, and the guide to maintain normal pressure contact with the rolling trolley power supply, the catheter behind the convex groove.

The crane slip line can ensure that the brush pressure is not affected by the car moving or the disk impact, and the copper-graphite mixture with high copper content and longitudinal lake function is self-lubricating performance, in contact with the guide in the process can form conductive cuprous cyanide film, in the guide rail and brush surface contact process will not appear arc, in the structure of Shanghai arc-welding device , thus high security.

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