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Reasons for the wide application of single pole seamless slip line

What is unipolarNon-seam slip line? Single-pole seamless slip line is the conductive subject cross-section for the H-type aluminum profile, usually we will be referred to as the H-type energy-saving slip line.

Single pole seamless slip line realizes the real safety and energy saving, its energy-saving characteristic is relative to the angle as the main body of the sliding contact line, in the process of conveying current, because of material, resistance, production process of different, the loss of the current greatly reduced. The resistivity of aluminum is much lower than that of steel, and the proportion is small. The aluminum material is made of H type, which is to ensure the overall rigidity strength on the basis of certain conductive area. Because the surface hardness of aluminum is low and not wear-resistant, the H-shaped slip-wire medium beam is made up of arch a type, through special technology embedded stainless steel profile as conductive friction body, and its inlay process to ensure that stainless steel and aluminum materials close integration, The electric brush in the conductive device of the input aluminum profile is transmitted through the friction contact through the stainless steel so as to ensure the continuity, safety and stability of the current conveying of all types of mobile devices during the mobile operation.

It is because of the safety and energy saving of the single pole seamless slip line that it has been used more and more widely.

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