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Application range of sliding contact line of crane

Most people have this kind of knowledge, the crane slip line should be applied in the driving, in fact, the crane slip line can be used in various mobile devices, such as automated production lines, reclaimer, amusement facilities, stereo garage, agricultural automation equipment and so on. The application area of the sliding contact line of the crane is introduced below.

1, Crane sliding Contact line: Different products can be used in different areas. Take heavy industry, the crane is the choice of slip-line products, mainly because of its convenient installation, long service life, good safety performance, so all types of cranes are currently the preferred driving slip contact line. Most of the cranes used in heavy industries, such as ships, metallurgy, steel, petrochemical and so on, have a single pole safety slip line.

2, in fact, light industry application safety sliding line is also a lot of, such as automated production line equipment, its application of safe sliding contact line, can better save space, improve its power supply efficiency. At present, the level of agricultural automation is constantly improving, and its use of sliding contact line will also increase. Like the aquaculture industry also has the application of safe sliding line case.

3, other applications, mainly including various types of environmentally responsible for the use of the sliding touch line, the main tunnel, High-altitude, high-speed and other environment. This condition also requires a good performance of the sliding line.

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