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Two problems that are easy to appear in single pole slip line

Single-pole slip line is a safe and guaranteed mechanical parts, the use of the process of sliding wire collector often encounter some problems, the following we will say that the single pole slip wire collector easy to appear two problems:

1, safe sliding wire collector in the carbon brush useful wear range of power supply is more normal, but after the ultimate carbon brush wear, from the static point of view, tension spring force is scarce, the pressure is almost no, the resistance becomes large, touch bad;

2, from the dynamic point of view, the wear is gradual, the operation is in motion condition, even the spot movement condition, so the starting current is very big, plus the sensation of movement, the sliding touch line device flaw, deformation and other factors make the collector carbon brush and conductive surface like touch;

3, resulting in a sharp spark of the contact line, burning the electrical collector black, carbon brush frame deformation, sliding contact wire surface collision coefficient increased, affecting the conductive function;

4, Safety slip line is currently mostly selected collector carbon brush and conductive surface tight touch, after the conflict sliding method completes the connection power supply, the carbon brush attrition speed, the wear quantity degree wears the ultimate time, is with the slip contact line frequency, the operating system, the working environment, the conductive surface roughness and the pressure size and so on the factor, Is what people can't monitor.

This carbon brush wear after the ultimate failure to foresee the power outage, has been the use of electrical collector to deal with the difficult problem.

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