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The collector is an important part of the train line system

  Lane LineIt is mainly used to power the mobile device, it is made up of a connected part, sliding line guide (fixed part, connected with the power supply, the guide rail is made up of a single long 4.5m/root or 6 m/heel connection, a relay (sliding part, which can slide in or out of the sliding line and contact with the copper strip to obtain electricity, and the collector is used to connect with the mobile motor).

The collector is an important device of collecting electric power in the train line system, it can transmit electricity directly to the electric appliance through the sliding contact between the collector and the guide rail, thus realizing the system's mobile power supply. The collector is composed of a mechanical structure tension device and a collector brush which is directly in contact with the sliding guide.

The tension device of mechanical structure determines the sliding contact pressure and the stability of the mechanism of the collector brush and the guide rail, and the collector brush is the conductor of the rail sliding contact to pick up the electric energy, and its performance, conductive quality and the quality of material structure will directly affect the safe operation of the whole system equipment.

Collector is divided into heavy-duty collector and light collector, which can be determined by the current of the sliding line to choose the light collector or the heavy-duty collector. General Slip Contact Line current is less than or equal to 500A, you can choose light collector; more than 500A, heavy duty collector.

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