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On the structure form of U-type traffic Line

U-TypeLane LineWhat are the types of structures:

1. Bare angle: Sliding transmission with the driving slider;

2, bare round copper wire: sliding transmission with the driving slider;

3, close the slip line: three-phase sliding line for copper wire, combined in a specially manufactured closed chute groove, there is a special sliding brush to take electricity;

4, the special cable: power distance through the process of cable directly into the car, cables are attached to the special configuration of the steel line.

At present, the main shapes of the conductors produced in the market are: H type, u type, m type, square tube type and so on, the different shape of its structure will have difference.

The H-type driving slip line is mainly based on the safety slip line of single pole aluminum, its application range is wider and the environment adaptability is strong.

The U-type and M-type driving slip line is mainly a single pole copper conductor slip Contact line, these two kinds of sliding contact line are common in automation equipment, such as workshop unloading plant, automation line and so on.

Because of the different conductor shape, the design of the sliding touch line will be different. At present, the common design of the H-type sliding touch line is the shape of house and square tube. Single-pole sliding line This product is designed for the shape of the house. The U-shaped sliding contact shell is often designed as the shape of the capital letter C, and the conductor is usually embedded in a C-shaped tube.

The above mentioned three kinds of shape characteristics of the sliding touch line can be collectively referred to as a single polar sliding line. The fourth kind of shape square tube type sliding contact line, the square tube type sliding contact line is the multipolar sliding contact line design structure, this kind of structural form already cannot adapt the market, at present this kind of structural form is in the elimination process, but the tubular multipole slip line is also at the elimination stage.

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