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Precautions for installation of overhead sliding line

To ensure the normal operation of the crane slip line, prolong its service life, after the sliding contact line put into operation, it should be regularly repaired.

1, outdoor rain and snow, large humidity places, the catheter shell junction, insulation tape wrapped after the cover of the connection clip to prevent rainwater intrusion;

2, damp state or outdoor use, please use the suspension bolts of insulators;

3, aluminum alloy shell must be good grounding, the entire shell to ensure continuity of electrical, housing every 25m-30m grounding;

4, the entire installation, measuring the insulation resistance between the shell and the charged body shall not be less than 5MW, measuring the electrical continuity of the shell, the end of the guide rail and the shell lap, and then the other end of the circuit is unblocked, after the determination, the demolition of the connection part;

5, in order to prevent the collector neck wear, to the collector neck outsourced stainless steel shell, or protection roller should be regularly inspected, timely replacement;

6, should check whether the whole of the exposed live parts. If found to be timely treatment.

Above is the crane slip line installation notes, want to learn more information, welcome to lock Qi Detailed slip conductive organ network ~

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