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Talking about Installation Form of Crane Slip Line

Crane slide in our daily lives, the application is also more extensive, let's take a look at the installation of the crane slip line.

1, crane slip line power distribution: In the factory workshop, commonly used lifting equipment, bridge cranes, electric hoist and suspended Liang's crane, cranes generally use a dedicated trolley line power distribution, but in the presence of an explosion hazard And H-1 level, H-2 level fire danger sites, as well as the trolley line has serious corrosive plant, can not use naked slide touch line, and use more flexible cable power supply, electric hoist track straight line length below 10m When, also uses the soft cable electricity distribution;

2, Crane slip line installation form: The bridge crane trolley line, usually laid parallel with the crane beam, set in the crane cab relative direction; and electric hoist and suspension beam crane trolley line, usually installed in the word Steel bracket.

Sliding touch line generally used steel, large and medium-sized lifting equipment, trolley line generally used angle steel, small crane available round bar, for some large cranes also have rails and I-beam. Strong corrosion of steel places, especially in the cold areas of the open-skids line, consider using copper. The use of trolley wire or soft cable power cord, should be set up a separate switch and short circuit protection. Switch should be installed in the trolley line or near the flexible cable for easy operation and maintenance of the place.

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