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Future development direction of slip conductor

At present, many enterprisesSliding WireThe demand is getting higher, the slippery wire manufacturer has made the general plan to the research new direction of the slip conductor:

1, sliding wire to meet customer current based on a larger limit to achieve energy efficiency, energy saving is the current hot topic, but also the national advocacy, to achieve greater energy saving products, components can save the production costs for enterprises, and can reduce the burden of national resources mining, in line with social interests;

2, the design of sliding conductor, the current market of the sliding wire, the design of various manufacturers of the appearance, cross-section are different. As a professional sliding wire manufacturers We are pursuing the design of the standard slip, that is, to meet the actual current, but also adapt to the local natural environment, at the same time, we must consider the external appearance of products, etc.

3, the use of sliding wire sustainable, the pursuit of product quality as the core, improve product quality, customer service is we always adhere to the concept, in order to make sliding wire and related regulations to use sustainable, the company is also constantly testing new materials, testing new products, to find a way to make the sliding wire sustainable raw materials, Prolong the service life of the slip conductor and the collector;

4, at present, the use of more widely used slip wire is a single pole, slip wire manufacturers will continue to pursue innovation, on the basis of several existing products, timely launch of new products to meet the requirements of our customers.

The above is the sliding wire in the future needs to meet the conditions, in the original basis of continuous innovation, more to meet the needs of customers.

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