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Precautions for installation of single pole slip line

  Single Pole slip lineThe installation must be in strict accordance with the order of their installation to ensure the safety and reliability of the installation.

The single pole slide line mainly applies in the power supply system, is the essential product of the power supply system, its installment method and the installment order are as follows:

The installation of the sliding contact line angle bracket should be installed according to the type and requirement of the user.

Second, the design of the sliding contact line of the hanging distance, the sliding line on the need for the hanging seat, sliding contact line two ends of the joint sheath one.

Third, the sliding contact line at one end of the aluminum connector, slide contact line aluminum Guide into the connector 1/2, leaving 1/2 left to another slide contact rail connection.

Four, the slip contact line hangs in the angle steel bracket through the suspension seat, carries on the whole line connection, should tighten each slip joint screws.

When the line length exceeds 200 meters, the Telescopic device (expansion section) should be installed.

The conductive device of the sliding contact line (set electrical appliance) installs, chooses the slip contact line to match with the slippery contact line to guide the electric appliance (set electric appliance).

To make the slip-contact line Guide Electrical Apparatus (collector) and the sliding contact line have good tracking performance and good contact ability.

Eight, the overall inspection of the installation of the slide contact line, check whether there are problems, find problems, timely treatment.

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