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Precautions for application of sliding conductor of cranes

Crane sliding wire as the preferred power products for mobile devices, the application of the process will be a number of problems, we will take a brief look at the use of crane slip wire in the process of what the relevant considerations.

1, crane sliding wire in the application, must check its connection point is firm, and to observe whether the safety slip line installation is straight, because this relationship with the subsequent use of the effect;

2, check the crane slip wire set the use of electrical appliances, because the set of electrical appliances are the most commonly used vulnerable parts, so according to the use of cranes, regularly check the wear of electrical appliances, and according to the situation to replace;

3. In the process of using a crane to slip a wire, the emergence of the spark, set the electrical operation is not smooth, such as the main reason is the customer procurement of poor quality of the slip-contact line, can only be replaced by a new slip line, to solve the problem, the fire is due to the crane slip conductive surface steel strip off, drum up, uneven caused. The workmanship of this kind of slip-contact line is generally poor.

Crane slip conductor In the use of the process of attention on the introduction here, I hope to help.

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