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Precautions for application of seamless slip line

As a mobile phone's preferred product, the seamless slip line often has some problems in the application process. Then we will briefly introduce the relevant precautions in the application process.
1. Before using the jointless slip line, be sure to check whether the joint is firm, and observe whether the jointless slide is installed straight, because it is related to the subsequent use effect;
2. Check the use of the jointless sliding line current collector. Because the current collector is a common wearing part of the sliding contact line, it is necessary to regularly check the wear of the collector carbon brush according to the use of the crane, and according to the situation. replace;

3. If there is a fire in the process of using the seamless slip line, the collector is not running smoothly, etc., this reason is mainly caused by the poor quality of the seamless slip line purchased by the customer, only by replacing the new one. There is no seam slip line to solve the problem, and the fire is caused by the non-seam slip line conductive surface steel strip falling off, bulging, and unevenness. The workmanship of such a sliding line is generally poor.
The precautions for the seamless slip line are introduced here, and I hope to help you.

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