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Current use of crane slip line in China

The current application of the crane slide line in China is very mature, mainly in lifting equipment, automation equipment, workshop power supply, etc., for the current use of the crane slip line, for everyone to introduce:

1. At present, the industry that uses a lot of crane sliding lines is crane equipment, and the application materials are more widely used as aluminum alloy conductor sliding lines;

2. The average service life of the crane sliding line. At present, the domestic production of sliding contact line enterprises has different requirements for the production quality of the sliding contact line, so the service life is different. At present, the Shandong Tengyun sliding line and the Wuhan Hanfa sliding line are used. Wait, the quality of the products produced is better. At present, the average life span of domestic skid lines is 5 to 10 years, and the quality should be longer;

3. Domestic distribution, the crane sliding line is mainly used in the manufacturing industry, and the heavy industry in the north is more than the south. Like the three provinces of the east, Hebei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, etc., there are more sliding lines;

4. The development status of domestic sliding line enterprises. At present, the domestic small workshop-style sliding line enterprises are showing an increasing trend. The counterfeit quality enterprises are mainly counterfeited, and such products are prone to problems, such as: Electric, deformation, aging of the casing, rusting of short-term stainless steel conductors, after-sales can not keep up, accessories can not be bought, etc., various problems;

5, the Chinese people know the situation of the crane slip line, compared with 10 years ago, the Chinese people have a good understanding of the sliding line, and now the understanding has been greatly improved, but relatively speaking, there are still many unclear, such as: sliding Is the line product in CCC mandatory certification? The sliding line is not yet listed in the CCC catalog and is not a 3C compulsory certification product.

The above is a brief description of the current situation of the use of the crane slip line, if there is a shortage, please correct me.

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