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What is a non-seam slip line

The safety seamless slip line is referred to as the safety slip line, compared with the slip line is more safe two characters.

In the seamless slip line industry, as long as the conductor outside the insulation sheath protection is a safety slip line products.

If there is no insulating material outside the conductor protection, it is not a safety slip contact line, if the common is the angle steel sliding contact line, high-temperature body sliding contact wire, single-pole aluminum safety slip line, single-pole copper safety slip line, multi-tube safety slip line, seamless safety slip line.

If the outer conductor is not protected by insulating material, it is not a safety slip contact line, such as the common angle sliding contact wire, high-temperature steel body sliding contact line, copper tram line non-safety slip line because there is no insulation sheath protection, so installation must be installed in an aerial manner. Installation height from the horizontal level of more than 3 meters more about the safety slip line, safety slip wire related content, welcome to inquire Henan Qi Xiang sliding Guide Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. safety contact line manufacturers to consult.

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