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What is the future direction of steel body sliding line?

The steel body sliding line will be more energy-saving, and the copper conductor will be widely used. The steel body sliding line is relatively energy-saving for the wire and cable, and the installation and maintenance are relatively convenient compared with the wire and cable, and the current customer inquiry is slippery. In the case of the line of contact, the number of the contact lines of the copper conductors is increasing, which means that the company will pay more attention to the conductive performance of the sliding lines and the power saving performance of the sliding lines. It can be said that the sliding lines More energy saving will be promoted in the future.

The area occupied by the steel sliding line is getting smaller and smaller; the area occupied by the sliding contact line has a great connection with the work of the enterprise machine. If the occupied area is too large, it will affect the normal operation of the machine, so the steel body sliding line The area of ​​the workshop is the direction of improvement of the sliding line in the future, and it is also the dilemma faced by many steel body sliding line enterprises. The application of the sliding line will be more common; at present, the sliding line is mainly used for power supply in the crane workshop, mechanical equipment and other industries. Later, the sliding line will bring a system revolution to the power supply system of various industries.

The steel body sliding line will be suitable for various harsh environments. At present, the sliding lines on the market mainly include single-pole sliding lines, multi-pole sliding lines, rigid body sliding lines, and seamless sliding lines. These products are difficult to adapt to particularly harsh environments, so the company will improve a lot of slip line companies in the future, and will adapt the sliding lines to more harsh natural environments.

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