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A brief introduction to the crane slip line

The crane slide line can also be referred to as an H-type single-slide line.

The crane sliding line can be divided into two types: a single pole sliding line and a multi-pole sliding line.

The design of the crane sliding line is very reasonable, and the structure is novel and reasonable. It can work in various occasions such as large current, high frequency of use, fast running speed and poor environment, such as metallurgy, crane, port loading and unloading, etc. .

The maintenance of the crane slide line is also very convenient, does not consume too much manpower and material resources, and greatly saves the cost of the maintenance of the facility.

The crane slide line also has anti-corrosion and dust-proof properties, and is safe to use and operate, so that everyone can safely carry out production and work.

The crane slide wire is made of corrosion-resistant and oxygen-free copper with excellent electrical conductivity as a conductor. Therefore, it has many characteristics such as high current density and low impedance.

The crane slide line can be applied to the sliding transmission of electric bridge cranes of various industries.

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