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Analysis of the characteristics of non-seam slip line

Non-seam slip and middle connector is a kind of slip-line that never loses power. With the oxygen-free copper transmission power supply, the thickness of copper conductor, pressure drop, the conductivity of good times, according to the user's workshop length or the user's needs to be equipped with the same length of safety electric rail, so that the safety of this workshop without any interface, the real solution of the domestic slip line because of the interface often stuck in the collector brush and cause short-circuit or can not run problems. and is suitable for the curve, the arc and the high and low walk design.

Seamless slip line using international standards, quality assurance, and through 3C certification, never power, to 99% oxygen-free copper transmission power, pressure drop small, good conductivity, and apply to the curve, arc and high and low walking design.

Seamless slip line using advanced technology production, 3 poles, 4-pole, 6-pole seamless slip line, with never power, to the oxygen-free copper transmission power supply, pressure drop, good conductivity, contact, easy to install, not easy to wear, easy to replace, transport more convenient, not easy to cause slip line damage, prolong service life, I hope the introduction of the small part of the help.

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