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Prolong the service life of steel slip line without maintenance and maintenance

To make sureSliding line of steel bodyIt can operate normally, prolong its service life, and it will be repaired periodically after running for a period of time.

1, Touch boots: According to the use of specific electrical equipment, 1-3 months need to check once, focus on the collection of electrical contact boot boots wear, if the wear is more serious, can not be normal with the stainless steel bar in contact with the guide rod, then need to be replaced;

2, set of electrical appliances: according to the actual situation on a regular basis check, check the set of electrical appliances all the bolts are loose, other parts if there is no shift, deflection phenomenon, and the spring tension is in the normal range and so on;

3, connecting parts: Every three months need a small check once a year, the major inspection, focus on the naked, weld and stent is loose, rust, shift, etc., to find the problem, to timely treatment;

4, Daily inspection: Guide rod sheath is falling off, corrosion, fracture. Whether the stainless steel bar in the guide rod is worn and raised, whether there is foreign body and conductive dust on the track, if there is any problem, it should be resolved in time.

In particular, the use of frequent or poor use of the environment of enterprises, but also to do a good job in the regular maintenance of steel slip line, in order to avoid major accidents, causing injuries.

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