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How to measure the quality problem of the crane slip conductor

  Crane slip ConductorThe quality of the relationship between the service life of the sliding line, but also affect the normal operation of the vehicle. Therefore, when selecting the slip conductor, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the sliding conductor provided by the manufacturer, and then we will talk about how to distinguish the quality of the slip wire.

1. Thickness of PVC casing. usually. The sliding line enclosure acts as a protective slip conductor and plays an insulating role, while protecting against sun, moisture, rain and snow and dust prevention. The thickness of the sliding conductor shell is also a standard to measure the quality of the slip conductor, if the sliding line shell is thinner, it may be considered that careless damage to the slip wire can occur, and the safety performance will be greatly reduced.

2, conductor cross-sectional area, conductor thickness. Obviously the larger the conductor area, the better the heat dissipation, the thicker the conductor thickness, the stronger the conductivity. When buying a slip conductor, it is important to observe the cross-sectional area of the conductor, and also to observe the thickness of the conductor, not to exclude, some manufacturers, the small current slip line as a current large slip line.

3, conductor aluminum alloy material quality and source. This factor is also the main factor determining the price of the slip wire, the aluminum alloy conductor material is better, the price is high, the opposite is the same.

4, the overall appearance design. This does not seem to play much role, in fact, is also a certain share of the overall design of the sliding wire is in line with most of the engineering environment, and the appearance of the design is conducive to the protection of slippery wire, more from the aesthetic point of view to add a bright spot. This will improve the competitiveness of the product in the market of the slippery wire. The website design is fastidious is completes the user experience, similarly, the slippery line also, must do well the overall design of the slip conductor, enhances the slippery wire the quality, thus can the long-term foothold in the entire market.

We choose the crane slip wire, the first choice of set of electrical and sliding wire matching manufacturers, do not use relays, otherwise it will be due to the car hook traffic normal operation.

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