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Analysis on the cause of the wear and tear of the carbon brush of the overhead traveling wire collector

Recently, a customer introduced that crane slip wire collector carbon brush wear too fast situation, its day-to-day treatment is the average two days to change, but the customer in this case, must be because of the crane slip line installation problems, the following we will be possible to let you check the problems.

Here we are on the crane slip line collector's Carbon brush wear analysis:

1, installation of collector bracket, set the center line and the crane slip line under the plane of the distance is not appropriate, resulting in a carbon brush wear too fast, on the crane slip line, light collector bracket center line and the height of the sliding line below the plane should remain at 157MM, The center line of the collector bracket and the lower plane of the crane slip line should be kept at around 182MM.

2, set electrical spring pressure problem, if the pressure too large will lead to carbon brush too fast, generally speaking, the contact pressure between the collector and the sliding line is 25-28 Newton, and the contact pressure of the collector and the crane slip line is 28-30 Newton;

3, the joint of the crane slip line is not flat, resulting in not smooth, wear carbon brush safety slip contact Connector is relatively easy to appear place, to regularly check the joint part is intact, otherwise it will affect the operation of the collector.

Above is the crane slip wire collector brush wear too fast reason analysis, want to learn more detailed advice, welcome to lock our official website, we will be updated in the late.

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