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How to judge the quality of the crane slip line

Many customers choose the crane slip line, especially for the stent how to choose to be at a loss, special preparation is the day when the line is transported to the installation site due to the stent can not meet the installation needs, in the field needs of processing, stents commonly used in a bracket and the z-type bracket is configured with a frame of the following:

1 Electric double girder bridge type crane, electric double girder hoist bridge crane;

2 Gantry Crane.

How to judge the quality of the crane slip line is good or bad:

1, sliding line carbon brush belongs to a consumable, driving distance affects equipment maintenance cycle, so we use the crane slide line, we should pay close attention to the traveling distance of the crane slip line, this is like the car, the general life span is proportional to the driving distance.

2, slide line conductor that is, the smooth line of aluminum conductor of the purity, such as: is a professional conductive aluminum profile or in the raw aluminum alloy.

3, the collector performance mainly from the wheel service life, turning wheel design and whether the collector to meet the use of various environments. Special attention should be paid to uphill and downhill problems, attention to the different driving routes, the turn wheel design and the collection of electrical bites special treatment.

4, sliding line deformation that is the expansion of the slip line, the length of more than 200 meters after the expansion of the problem to consider.

The above is about the crane line quality judgment method, I hope to help you, we will continue to update in the later.

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