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Application of crane slip line on crane

For the crane, it can not operate without the application of any one of the accessories, takeCrane Slide Line, a crane is hard to run without his current transmission.

In cranes, due to different occasions to choose the slide line is different, so the slide line has a different classification, so that they better distinguish.

1. Single-pole safe sliding contact line: Single pole energy-saving combined touch-slip line is a widely used bridge crane sliding contact line in the market at present. Conductor material for professional conductive aluminum or copper, which aluminum slide contact line market share is high. Its products have good conductive properties, cost-effective, safe and reliable, modular design convenient installation and maintenance, wide range of applications can be applied to indoor and outdoor a variety of environments. The current range can be selected from 200a-2000a to meet the needs of different equipment for the product;

2, tubular-type multipolar safe touch-slip line: tubular safety-slip line will be a conductor inlaid in the PVC shell, easy to install, the use of copper as a bridge crane line conductor, conductive performance is good, but limited by the inner trough, more suitable for the power of smaller mobile devices;

3, high temperature rigid body contact slip line: High temperature rigid body crane contact slip line by the copper conductor and the steel structure skeleton or the aluminum material composition, its high mechanical strength, good stiffness, can withstand greater strength impact current, using copper as a conductor, can carry more than 3000A current, rigid-body bridge crane contact slip line without shell as protection, large heat dissipation area, Low temperature rise, long service life. Because of the special materials, can be used in high-temperature, high-pressure, high humidity, strong corrosion, many dust environment, such as steel, metallurgy, chemical, dock and other industries.

The above is the use of contact line crane, if you want to know more relevant information, please continue to pay attention to us!

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