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Precautions for the selection and application of sliding conductors for cranes

For a variety of reasons, at present, many enterprises in the factory crane need to be living outdoors, to facilitate the unloading of goods, which led to the crane sliding wire also need to be installed in the outdoor, resulting in a long time to expose the slide conductor under the sun and rain will often lead to the rupture of the shell of the sliding conductor, more serious case Lifting machine will also become very fragile with the passage of time, which leads to the question of the slip conductor, directly affecting the operation of the driving.

How to avoid this kind of thing happening?

1, the site environment conditions, to try to install a shed above the sliding wire;

2, adhere to the quarterly inspection, found that there is a rupture immediately replace the corresponding accessories;

3. The sliding conductor can add a layer of aluminum alloy shell on the base of the sliding conductor shell.

Now the application of crane sliding wire is more and more extensive, then we need to know what knowledge before buying, to buy more quality products?

1, before the purchase of sliding wire to consider the location of the installation slip conductor, temperature, terrain, and whether it is indoor installation, or outdoor installation;

2, considering the above factors, it is necessary to determine the power of the crane. If a cross workshop, there are two driving, the choice of sliding wire, the two driving power to add up at the same time calculation;

3, to determine the current of the slide conductor, it is necessary to consider the type of slip conductor, is a single pole slip or tube-type slip wire, or other kinds of.

The above is the crane slip the entire content of the wire, hope to help everyone.

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