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What is the control ability of the steel slide line?

  Steel Body Slide LineReliable performance, conductivity rail conductivity excellent, heat dissipation faster and with high current density, low impedance, line loss, brush by a high conductivity, high abrasion resistance of metal materials made of graphite. The electrical movement is flexible, the directional performance is good, the contact arc and the series Arc phenomenon are controlled effectively.

The steel-body slide line, which we often say is the slip line, is a power supply that often appears in mobile devices. Then this common facilities in the use of the aspects that need to pay attention to, for the use of the slide line first need to pay attention to its day-to-day maintenance and maintenance. Steel slide lines usually appear in the environment are more extreme, such as high-temperature cold or have some corrosive environment. The outer shell of the sliding line is often used in high-grade plastic, but even the more special plastic materials facing these environments will appear some wear and tear, so in the use of the process must pay attention to its external maintenance, so as to effectively extend the service life of the slide line.

Steel body Slip Line installation Acceptance standard bracket, should be galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. shall be welded without gaps. The nut is securely mounted and the mounting hole is in the same position. Bracket spacing. We are required to install according to the correct spacing, the nut is not loose has been tethered to death, quantity compound requirements.

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