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Pre-operation inspection of single pole slide line

We need to use theSingle Pole slip lineSome of the components are checked to see if the Collector and guide rails are working properly, and whether the sliding contact shell is suitable for operation in the environment because the temperature and the environment can affect the sliding line more.

Check whether there are problems in the carbon brush, in the whole slip-line, the carbon brush is easy to consume items, if the use of time has been very long, it is easy to affect the maintenance of equipment and maintenance. We also have certain rules for the length of the slip line, not exceeding 100m, and if it is over, we need to see if it has an expansion problem.

The single pole slide line is mainly made of aluminum alloy and copper alloy, in order to maintain the overall strength of the sliding contact line and the steel aluminum alloy material of the single-pole sliding contact line and the copper alloy material of the single slip contact line can be produced by the minimum current of the slip contact line of more than 150A, the current small single pole slide can only use stainless steel as a material, For stainless steel sliding line, mainly used between 50A to 150A.

In essence, the single pole aluminum alloy sliding contact line also adds a layer of 0.6mm stainless steel strip to increase the wear resistance of the aluminum slip contact line. Generally speaking, the stainless steel slip contact line is actually refers to the single pole aluminum slip contact line, now this concept is becoming more and more blurred, because the stainless steel and aluminum slide contact line in the cost is not very different, the use of aluminum sliding line also energy-saving, because some of the current is the use of a single pole aluminum sliding line as a transmission conductor.

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