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Sliding line manufacturers of cranes on the difference between the single pole sliding contact line and the multistage sliding contact line

The slip line has a single pole slip and a multistage slip line, so let's take a quick look at the difference.

1, the installation of the difference: the single pole of the sliding line can be used three-wire four-line system also has three lines of the way to install, and the multi-level sliding lines can only be installed in single line, so that the multi-level sliding contact line to install the control is less than the single pole sliding contact line;

2, the use of maintenance of the difference: because the single pole of the sliding line using a three-phase four-wire system, so if he failed is easy to overhaul, but because the multipole line of copper bars are no longer a pipe, so it will cause a certain difficulty in maintenance. And the multi-pole slip line replacement and purchase cost is greater than the unipolar slip contact line;

3, the overall structure of the difference: we want to know that the single pole of the safe sliding line of the shell material is polyvinyl chloride, with aluminum alloy as a conductor, his interior is the solid aluminum alloy, and the conductor and the shell are made of a special mold; the external raw material of the multipole sliding contact line is polyvinyl chloride, the conductor of which is copper strip and the interior is hollow;

4, the difference between the electricity flow: the single pole slide contact line is mainly used in the large current quantity place, the multipolar sliding contact line is opposite. From this we can see that the single pole slip contact line can make up for this flaw of the multipole slip line.

These areCrane Slide LineManufacturers for you to introduce the single pole of the contact line and the difference between the multi-level sliding line, want to know more detailed consultation, welcome to call in detail.

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