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Why the traffic line is favored by more and more people

  LaneAs a new type of mobile power supply system, more and more are used in the workshop and automation and equipment, then why the lane can be so fast popular? The small series summarizes the following points:

1, in the maintenance and inspection are very convenient, do not need the whole line replacement, which paragraph has a problem to change which paragraph;

2, can be applied outside, no matter how bad the environment can be used;

3, if the system is too long can also be used to squeeze pressure, can also provide a large number of current, to Qi detailed slip conductive line, the larger can reach 2000A, to meet a variety of domestic and foreign driving power supply;

4, because belong to the hard wire, the service life is comparatively long compared to;

5, a system can be installed a number of devices, and can also be used in a very fast situation;

6, occupy space relatively small;

7, more secure, PVC flame retardant sheath so that the line appears in the ignition situation will also be extinguished, will not affect the safety of driving.

The above is the use of the advantage of the lane, and more and more people like the reasons, want to know more detailed consultation, welcome to call in detail.

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