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Fault handling method of crane slip line

When choosing the Unit price ARC device, the user should consider the total capacity of the electric equipment and the working system of the electric equipment on the same cross contact line. The above load flow graph for users to refer to, in the selection of conductive devices, to consider the capacity of electric equipment and guide to match, and then guide the single electrode capacity is not enough, can be used bipolar guide electrical appliances.

Power supply: When considering the supply point of the crane slide line, we should consider the total capacity of the total number of electric equipment, the task working system and the line length voltage drop value, and the environment (voltage drop calculation can be calculated according to the data of the front rail parameter table). Power supply generally has the following several for user reference: ① single end power supply, ② Central power supply, ③ both ends of power supply, ④ 1/6 power supply at both ends, ⑤ two upright/10 and central three power supply and so on.

Crane Slide Line installation and maintenance instructions:

Before installing the crane slide line, the angle bracket is installed according to the installation form of the user's choice, and the hanging spacing of the crane slip line is fixed. At the installation site, each of the 6.1-meter slip lines on the need for the hanging seat, and the two ends of the joint sheath each one, also installed at one end of an aluminum connector, the installation of aluminum joints should be noted that only the aluminum guide into the connector 1/ 2 left to another rail connection, the above work is ready, and then a single slide contact line hanging on the stent, for all connections, the connection should tighten the screws of each connector. When the line length exceeds 200 meters, the telescopic device should be installed, which can be applied to the joint of every 6.1-meter roots when the line of the connecting power cord is entered.

When the curve is installed, the suspension distance should be shortened correspondingly, the specific size can be determined according to the field conditions.

In the installation of a conductive device, first put the guide to the supporting square tube, select the appropriate position with the sliding contact line fixed in the electrical equipment, should be noted to make the conductor and the slip contact line has good tracking performance and good contact ability, the conductor and the sliding contact line should be installed in the same vertical, horizontal direction.

Crane Slide Line Maintenance:

Crane slide line In normal operation should be done regularly check, because the electrical equipment is the main production tool for each industrial and mining enterprises, a slight error will directly affect the factory's productivity. Check the slip contact line should be checked every 6.1-meter joints whether there is loose, off, in the inspection of the conductive device, should check whether the active parts of the rotation flexible, tensile spring fatigue, brush wear and so on.

Holiday equipment renovation period, will lead the electrical appliances out of the catheter, check the Guide electric brush roller wear, such as the amount of brush extension is less than the specified effective length, to be replaced in time, the guide roller deformation is serious, also need to be replaced to keep the guide electrical operation and brush good contact, and inventory caused by the reasons. Safe slip Contact line in all parts, the brush is the only normal wear parts.

For serious corrosive gas environment, still need to check the stent, suspension clamp, tractor rust, and timely measures to apply anti-rust materials.

The use of a sliding contact line, such as infrastructure. Do not hit or bump the transmission conduit, let alone the heavy load on the transmission conduit. Prevent deformation and cracking of transmission duct, affect the use, occurrence safety accident. When infrastructure is completed, the construction waste on the transmission conduit should be cleared immediately.

During normal maintenance, the staff is not allowed to pedal on the transmission pipe or its support, to prevent damage to the entire line of smoothness and accidents.

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