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How to deal with the phenomenon of power failure in sliding wires

When the sliding wire is in operation, there will be a power outage. How should we do further processing?

This situation does not need to panic, the problem is nothing more than the following points, customers can use this as a reference to the right medicine.

1. The brush is severely worn, unable to touch the conductor and replace the brush;

2. The use of a single collector uses a double brush collector;

3, the brush climbs the slope in the pipeline, check the collector, the wear is serious, that is, the replacement inspection;

4. The conductor joint is not flat and the connection is re-adjusted;

5, the rail joint is loose, re-adjust the tightening of the connecting screw To avoid frequent failures, you need to purchase a suitable safety sliding wire.

The above is the way to deal with the phenomenon of power failure of the sliding wire. For more detailed consultation, please call us for more information.

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