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Precautions for using the lane when the track is extended

Recently, there are customer consultations. I want to extend the track on the basis of the original track. While extending the track, we should not only consider the original track model, but also consider the model and current of the driving line installed on the track. When using the lanes, please pay attention to the matters.
1. The first question to be considered is whether to extend the crane track and whether to add new cranes. If a new crane is added, it is necessary to consider the original installation lane and whether the current is sufficient. If it is not enough, the original lane will be Can not be used, can only be replaced, of course, you can also use the location where the lane is not installed on the other side, a new one is installed for the new crane to supply power, so the original old lane can also be used normally.

2. After considering the above factors, you need to consider the selection of the lane. If the original lane can still be used, and then extend the lane, you need to consider whether the newly purchased lane can be docked and can guarantee the set. The appliance passed smoothly. In this case, the author suggested to purchase the products of the original manufacturer, or find a regular manufacturer to check;
3. After the driving line is selected, you need to purchase and install it. Finally, the author wants to say that no matter what kind of lanes are purchased, you must choose a production enterprise with guaranteed quality, reputable enterprise and certain scale. If it is said, from the beginning of the small workshop-style enterprise purchase, or the unknown enterprise to buy, the subsequent purchase of accessories is very troublesome.

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