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How to choose a crane slip line?

The crane sliding line is mostly used for the environment with more humid dust. The fixed part of the sliding guide is connected with the power supply. The sliding part collector can slide on or in the slide rail and contact the copper strip to take electricity. The collector is used to move the motor. Connected. The crane sliding line can be divided into single-pole combined sliding line, rigid body sliding contact line, multi-stage tubular safety sliding line, seamless seaming line, cable sliding line, I-beam cable pulley, etc. The insulation is greatly improved, safe and reliable, easy to install, fast, and can be used in high-current equipment, the current can reach several thousand amps.

The quality of the crane sliding line can be judged by the following points: 1. The mass of the sliding cable of the crane, the applicable temperature, the environment, etc. 2. The length of the life of the carbon brush, the driving distance affects the maintenance period of the equipment. 3. The problem of the expansion of the crane slide line, if the length exceeds 100 meters, it is necessary to consider whether the expansion problem. 4. Current collector performance - mainly from the wheel life, turning wheel design and current collectors to meet the needs of various environments. 5 voltage drop problem, the voltage drop varies according to the length of various copper bars. 6. The space occupied is also relatively small, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection.

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