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Steel Body Slide Contact line
Steel Body Slide Contact line

Product Name: Steel Body Slide Contact line

Product Advantages:

1, strong mechanical strength, not easy to bend deformation, can withstand a powerful short-circuit impact current;

2, the operation of reliable, never occurred power interruption failure;

3, the addition of auxiliary cable, can be composed of low impedance slide line, the conductor impedance exponentially reduced;

4, can be used in high-temperature, high dust, high corrosive gas and other harsh environment;

5, according to user needs to set the load flow, can reach more than 3000A, voltage level can reach more than 5KV;

6, the use of copper or copper-aluminum conductor, can greatly reduce the wire power loss.

7, wiring can be in the upper or lower sliding touch.

8, heat dissipation surface is very large, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance advantages.

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