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Steel Body Slide Conductor
Steel Body Slide Conductor

The steel body slide conductor is mainly composed of copper conductor and steel structure skeleton, has the combination and the compound type two kinds of structure type, supports by the high strength special insulator, installs or welds in the guide beam bracket, thus composes to each hoisting machinery equipment feeds the mobile power supply system.

Working principle of steel body slide conductor:

Mobile devices because of mobile, need to constantly change the location, in each of the different locations, the mobile device will be able to obtain power supply, or you can not continue to move. At this point, the slip line came into being. A number of conductors are installed parallel to the operating track of the mobile device and connected to the power supply. On a moving device, a set of electrical appliances that can be taken from a conductor are installed. In this way, when the device is moving, the collector runs synchronously with the device and obtains the power from the conductor at any time, providing the equipment so that the device can continue to move. These conductors and sets of electrical devices are called sliding lines.

The steel body slide conductor is a kind of sliding-connected transmission device, which can be widely used in the environment of high temperature, temperature, high voltage, strong corrosion and many dusts, such as steelmaking, metallurgy, high voltage, strong corrosion and many dust.

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