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Sliding line of steel body
Sliding line of steel body

  Sliding line of steel bodyis commonly used in the power supply equipment, when the need for a large number of production, the cost of the problem is more critical, then the impact of the steel slip line cost factors?

The cost of the sliding line will be affected by the factors that make up the slip line must be the cost of spare parts, the common brush, shell and collector. The raw materials used in these parts will not only affect the operation of the slide line, but also determine its cost.

Another factor that will affect its cost is the installation of the slip line, which is required to be counted in the cost of the scaffolding used in China during its installation. But also not to save costs and ignore these things, the installation process is carried out by operators, so there must be a certain degree of security, must not jerry-building, otherwise it will cause very serious more consequences.

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