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Aluminum steel body Slide Contact line
Aluminum steel body Slide Contact line

Product Name: Aluminum steel body Slide Contact line

Product Introduction:

The resistivity of aluminum material, tensile strength, expansion coefficient and other indicators and similar, because of its rich resources, low price, density is only one-third of copper, although the conductivity is only 61% of copper, but its advantage is more prominent, so aluminum instead of copper is the general direction, I am the secretary for the production of aluminum steel slide contact line, Conductive matrix for the special high Guide aluminum 6330A, with the set of electric conductive special stainless steel cover, small resistance, heat dissipation surface, long life, easy to install, maintenance convenience.

Aluminum steel body Sliding contact line features:

1, reliable operation, never occurred power interruption, can be used in high-temperature, high dust, high corrosion and other harsh environment;

2, the use of the whole extrusion process, so as to ensure the smooth contact line as a whole solid and reliable;

3, the use of high-quality aluminum alloy conductor, can greatly reduce the wire power loss;

4. Large heat dissipation surface, compact structure, easy installation and overhaul;

5, wiring way flexible, can be in the upper or the side and so on multiple surface contact;

6, the set of electrical appliances using pull spring pressure, double carbon brush, with excellent conductive ability.

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