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Single Pole safe slip line
Single Pole safe slip line

Single-pole safety slide line its energy-saving is relative to angle steel as the main body of the sliding contact line, the loss of electrical energy in the transmission process is greatly reduced, aluminum resistivity is much lower than steel, and the proportion of small, aluminum will be rolled into the required shape, to ensure a certain conductive section area based on the overall rigidity and strength can be improved.

But the aluminum surface hardness is low and does not wear. In order to make the aluminum substrate to meet as a conductive sliding contact line of practicality, in the "H"-shaped beam into the arch-type, and here according to the required process procedures embedded wear-resistant stainless steel profiles. This "H"-shaped stainless steel profile is used as a rubbing electricity surface of conductive blocks in a conductive device, the embedded technology ensures the close combination of stainless steel and aluminum profile, from the current through the introduction of aluminum profiles through the stainless steel body so that the conductor in contact with the conductive block in the friction contact will be the current transmission out, It ensures the continuous current during the operation of the hoisting machinery.

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