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Single Pole safe slip line
Single Pole safe slip line

Single-pole safety slip line is an indispensable equipment in the field of cranes, which has the advantages of flexible installation, long service life and convenient maintenance, and is favored by more and more customers.

The single pole safe slip contact line has the following characteristics:

1, the single pole slip contact line structure is simple, installs conveniently, is easy to maintain. Especially suitable for the power supply of mobile devices. The single pole sliding contact line power supply system is usually composed of three or four slip lines, and is equipped with the electrical appliances and the related accessories to form the mobile power supply system.

2, its safety performance is high, energy saving and environmental protection. The single pole slide line shell uses the polyvinyl chloride as the raw material, with the special formulation, the conductor uses the aluminum alloy conductor, plus the stainless steel strip, the shell crevice, uses the finger to dig cannot pull in, its product greatly enhances the safety performance, and saves the electric energy;

3. Long service life and wide application. On the basis of normal maintenance, long service life, can be used in indoor, outdoor, lifting equipment, port machinery, mobile equipment.

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