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Single pole combined slide line
Single pole combined slide line

Single-pole combined slip line with high insulating engineering plastics as overall Ann Bohu along longitudinal direction in addition to the lower opening in the conductive paint contact, so that the conductor of the sliding line is not exposed to the outside, and at the joint of the sliding contact line, we use a dedicated slip contact line connector, you can make the slide contact conductor and his shell colleagues into the inside, to connect, Also ensure that it is not exposed, through the protection of the shell, to the installation and maintenance and use of great convenience, security.

The single pole combined slide line has a certain degree of high temperature resistance, low temperature, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, dustproof, and so on. After the single pole combined slide line is installed, we need to inspect each connector of the slip line in detail to see if there is loosening and removing to ensure its safety. In the inspection of the slip-line set of electrical appliances, should check whether the collector can operate in the sliding line conductor freely, its spring is fatigue, whether the normal return, the collector of carbon brush wear is serious, in case of timely replacement.

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