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Single Pole slip line
Single Pole slip line

The single pole slip line has the same place as the multi-level slide line, but there is a big difference, so let's make a simple distinction.

The single pole slip line and the multistage slip line belong to the electrical product, the two have certain difference in the application.

Difference One: single-pole slip conductor Area Large, the amount of current is also large, compared to the multi-level, to a large number, bearing the current size of the decision, single-pole slip line suitable for high-power Crane workshop, multi-stage sliding line is also suitable for small power crane workshop;

Difference two: Using conductor material different, single pole slip line conductor is aluminum alloy conductor, the multistage slip line conductor is the copper conductor, the two conductors are different, also decided that the resistance of both is different, of course the conductive loss of both is comparatively small;

Difference Three: The use of different occasions, it is understood that the single pole slip line for most occasions, the multi-stage slip line is mainly used in power plants, steam workshop and other occasions, as a single pole slip line wide application;

Difference Four: The structure is different, the unipolar slip conductor is a conductor, the multistage slip line consists of three root, four root, six and above copper strip, and the attachment of the two is also different.

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